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  • Preppers | Masterclass Series

    Suggested price: $850.00

    'Preppers' is a 5-part masterclass series about helping you prepare for the inevitable and improbable, today.

    • Part 2 – Survival, Security, Self-Defense
    • Part 3 – Energy, Water, Food
    • Part 4 – Health, Sanitation, Medical
    • Part 5 – Community, Communication, Currency

    This Preppers | Masterclass Series is donation-based. The suggested donation amount is $850, however, you may participate in this experience with a financial contribution of your choosing. (Minimum donation is $1.00)

  • Climax | Sex Masterclass Bundle

    From: $500.00 / month for 4 months

    The Climax | Sex Masterclass Bundle brings you transformational teachings on sex, sexuality, and sensuality especially as it relates to spirituality. With this experience, no conversation is off-limits and there is no boundary of the imagination that is not explored. The bundles blend ancient and ascended thought along with erotic practices to help you truly see, understand, and experience intimacy like never before.

  • GoldMine | Money Masterclass Bundle

    From: $500.00 / month for 4 months

    The GoldMine | Money Masterclass Bundle consists of the best-selling classes on the subject of abundance, wealth, and money that we have ever offered. GoldMine also contains the most income-producing results that our clients and students have ever experienced. And, now you have access to these same secrets! This bundle provides experiences if you are seeking to develop your abundance mindset, get insights into various ways of expanding your income, fine-tuning your mission, understanding the psychology of sales in business, how to engage magick to bring about your financial desires, and so much more...

  • The Vault | Content Subscription

    $250.00 / month

    Want some of the best content we have to offer at an affordable monthly rate? Now's your chance. The Vault | Content Subscription gives you access into some of our best-selling classes we have ever offered. From time to time, we plan to add select classes, masterclasses, courses, and other offers.

    (View the full description for a current and complete list of content offered within this subscription)

  • NeuMind | Self-Study Course (101)

    From: $750.00 / month for 4 months

    NeuMind is Neumology's curriculum-based teachings which lay a foundation for Prophet Calvin Witcher's revelatory mission here on this earth. Structured in a way that students can put these teachings into practical personal experiences, these principles are the bedrock to a successful human experience. The NeuMind classes blend past in-person recordings of Prophet Calvin with specific action steps for the student to work on each week. These lessons are designed to be a progressive path for personal development and touch on every area of life including identity, finances, relationships, calling and purpose, power, and much more.

    The quick overview:
    3 Core NeuMind Levels (appx. 215 per module)
    15-30 minute videos (or less)
    200+ hours of content
    645+ lessons in total