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✨ Instantly identify why your energy feels hindered and finally unblock and awaken your divine abilities

✨ Discover the range of Spiritual Gifts so you can finally understand, develop and trust your untapped power

✨ Silence those nagging voices that whisper, “something is wrong with me… why am I so different… why do I feel this way?… this is sinful…. this is evil!”

✨ Walk through exercises and learn mantras to help you release ancestral wounds so you can heal your future self.

✨ Uncover and heal conscious and subconscious fears about being intuitive so you can quickly plug in to the power flowing freely in your own soul

✨ Experience a radical soul shift so you can feel confident in your divine abilities

✨ Tap into sacred guidance to help you navigate life more effectively

✨ Up-level your relationships, business, health, and entire life

… and SO much more!

This Masterclass Series Will Include:

  • FREE videos, for the next four days, giving you powerful and practical education about spiritual gifts
  • FREE downloadable worksheets, prayers, and mantras
  • FREE access to my spiritual gifts quiz to help you identify your dominant and supporting gifts
  • FREE techniques to help you use your gifts in your personal and professional life
  • EXCLUSIVE OFFER to go deeper in developing your spiritual powers through one of my premium programs, when you stay to the end of the series

Ready For Greater Revelation?

Do you feel your soul longing for me?

Are you ready to quantum leap into a new reality?

It's time to stop questioning your divine abilities!

Reveal Your Spiritual Gifts

Do you feel or know you have a Divine Ability?

We invite you to experience this in-depth teaching on spiritual gifts. The journey starts with our two-part spiritual gifts series, called the “DIVINE ABILITIES COURSE”.

First, you start with part-1 of the series called, AWARENESS.

There are 15 classes in the Awareness course that cover:

  • The Origin, Objective, Operation, Ownership, and Office of your abilities
  • The depth in which you experience your abilities
  • We cover more in-depth the Clair-Senses along with teaching about the Prophetic, the Psychic, Empaths, and what being an Intuitive really means

Part-1 of “Awareness” will solidify your knowing of who you really are and how your spiritual gifts are here to assist you. From this understanding, you will more clearly know what path your life is taking and how you can avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.

The 2nd part in the series is called, ACTIVATION

This next level of the Divine Abilities Course contains 27 lessons packed full of key elements that, if used, will drastically jump start your spiritual gifts.

You will learn about the:

  • Perception Purgatory
  • Spirituality and the Scientific Method
  • The Matrix of the Mind and
  • How to Embrace an Effective Lifestyle that uses your gifts

These are just a few topics covered in Activation.

In the Divine Abilities Course, you will receive over 34 hours of teaching. This 2-part series is broken down into manageable portions for you to really absorb and practice what you are learning.

If you feel the calling, I encourage you to join now.

Want To Dive Deeper?

Want guidance and support as you explore, experience, and exercise your newly revealed spiritual gifts?

Supernatural Awareness Activation Ascension

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