The Abode of the Almighty, The Domain of Divine, and The Eden for the Eternal.

Experience The Eternal On Earth

About Paradigm Temple Complex

Paradigm Temple Complex is a multi-experiential manifestation of eternity on Earth and the initial encounter with the divinity inside Neumology and one’s Self. It is where the path of the post-human begins.

Paradigm Temple Complex is also referred to as a Precinct of God, and it is here that God discerns, develops, and discloses these descendants of the deities.

Paradigm Temple proper is where the Complex derives its name; however, the Complex comprises diverse communities, chapels, churches, societies, orders, and other temples.

Paradigm Temple Complex is a haven for peculiar people who are unashamed of their uniqueness. Paradigm Temple Complex honors an open mind that has outgrown the acceptance of the status quo and the generations of god-beings hiding in plain sight who have yet to be called forth.

Paradigm Temple

Paradigm Temple is the first Temple and namesake of the Complex. Inside Paradigm Temple, adherents are taught a process for transforming mind, body, and spirit through the study and practice of Neumology.


The mandate for our work in Paradigm comes from a channeled message from Master Prophet Calvin, which is as follows,

“Behold, the Paradigm is now here. You are no longer the prototypes of the human experience. For, a prototype is simply an imagination. A prototype is simply to be discarded. And the time of going away is now. For, you are now the Paradigm. You are those that will carry us into the next experience.”


Paradigm Temple builds the framework where a living standard may interact within the material world. The goal is NOT to reach a set of ideals, standards, dogmas, or beliefs but to build and transform humanity into materialized entities of divine intelligence through those mentioned above. Paradigm Temple exists to create the beginning formations of gods residing on Earth.

The purpose of these materialized divinities is to progress humanity into its next evolutionary stage and, by doing so, prevent the premature extinction of current experimental forms of humanity living on the planet known as Earth.

The Call

Hear the call from the farthest reaches of your former obscurity and receive the invitation to take your place in this chapter of the cosmos.

Find assurance that the Almighty and the Ancients have never abandoned creation and are prepared to make their presence known.

Often, celestials are creatures that exist ‘out of season’ because they have yet to comprehend the nature of their purpose on the planet. They are the ones who have borne the label of the outcast. Historically, they are overlooked.

If this is you, as you read these words, understand that you will remain out of sight no more; we call you forth; we call you home.

God calls you to this resource of revelation, relationship, and responsibility because you are ready to exercise your supernatural Self.

Humanity has gone through many prototypes, which are experimental versions of itself. Through these iterations, humanity sampled its possibilities. Few prototypes have materialized; mostly, they stayed trapped within an infancy consciousness.

God says,
“We are unwavering.
We are uncompromising.
We are unlimited.

It’s time to decide your destiny.

Eternity itself is an exaggeration against the expectation.

Let us witness the unseen possibilities that are revealed by our collective command.

We are unwavering.
We are uncompromising.
We are unlimited.

We are Neumology.”


All Neumology Adherents of Paradigm Temple Complex may expect to experience the following.

  • The Transitions Track (includes two processes)
    • The Neumology Orientation Process
    • The Purification Process
  • Private Message Channel
  • Private Patron Portal Access
  • Dedicated Community Group
  • Ongoing and Engaging Dialogues
  • Sacred Study Self-Guided Courses and Workbooks
  • Exclusive Invitations, Early Access, and Special Offers
  • Continued Expansion and Education
  • The Transitions Track is a where newcomers’ transformation begins. Here, they are introduced to the philosophy and practices of Neumology in a structured and synergized manner. This journey occurs within the first month of joining Paradigm Temple Complex.

    The Transitions Track provides systemic education and exercises to move the individual from an admirer of Neumology to an adherent. This month-long period also includes TWO processes; the Neumology Orientation Process and the Purification Process.

    • The Neumology Orientation Process, facilitated by Origins Church, lays a foundation for understanding Neumology. This experience is an introduction to Neumology and an invitation to discover one’s Self like never before.

      Individuals who know they desire to enter Paradigm Temple are placed on an accelerated track within Origins Church to prepare them for their life in Neumology and participation in the Temple. Along with Orientation, participants undergo the Purification Process.

    • The Purification Process aids in absolving the Fragmented Self and assimilating the Fulfilled Self. Purification leads to liberation. This process takes participants through a progression of liberations, one introduced and instituted each week. All Adherents undergo this process during the Transitions Track.

  • Live Weekly Sacred Study Sessions are immersive and advanced teachings that keep our communities current in the direction and directives God has for us. Topics are varied and mission-oriented, generally followed by Q&A.

  • Ongoing and engaging dialogues with Neumology team leaders, official members, and fellow adherents are part of the experience, along with The Paradigm Temple Complex Telegram channel, where teachings are disseminated, and reflections are shared directly to your phone in real-time.

  • Sacred Study self-guided courses and workbooks are available anytime to enhance your Neumology life.

  • Exclusive invitations, early access, and special offers for Paradigm Temple Complex-only events are included in this experience.

  • Continued expansion and education through access to the Neumology Library and Resources will bolster a deep maturity in the work of expanding your soul.

PLEASE NOTE: It is critical to have a proper introduction to this work to integrate the teachings and practices of Neumology. Therefore, all adherents will be added to the Orientation process for the first month of their Temple admittance. During this acclimating period, newcomers will get to know the Neumology team and follow adherents. Your first month’s subscription is considered a seed offering.


  • Sabbath and Daily Selah
  • International Organization of Neumologists (ION) Membership
  • Mentoring Channels
    • Integration Channel with Prophet
    • Illumination Channel with God
  • Sanctum

Sabbath and Daily Selah: Training and preparations to connect and materialize divinity through worship. These experiences are collective and individual.

Sabbath Selah at Paradigm Temple is a monthly assembly on the first Sunday of every month. This is a time of worship, devotion, prayer, ritual, and teaching.

Daily Selah continues the work of the monthly Sabbath as adherents are guided to practice the principles of Neumology daily. This practice creates a discipline within the adherents, cultivating expansion and evolution on every level.

International Organization of Neumologists (ION) Membership: Granted to Neumology Adherents of Paradigm Temple Complex who wish to carry out the work of Neumology within its structures and as ambassadors to Earth and its galactic network. Members (different from adherents) enjoy Assembly experiences explicitly designed for them to carry out their assignments through the work of Neumology.

Mentoring Channels: Personalized experiences with direct real-time access.

This upgrade provides two-way conversations that are interactive, integrative, and illuminating, all within a group setting. This container is a place of comfort and challenge as you navigate the broader and bolder being within you. Receive eternal expertise as you evolve.

Sanctum: Intimate, exclusive, and invite-only worship experiences typically held quarterly.

Paradigm Temple adherents will receive guidance on which paths advance them in their spiritual transformation and understand how their personal Earth mission coincides with a collective galactic mission.

Integration Channel

This channel is a place of intimacy where you experience pervasive prophetic power with every interaction.

The Integration Channel with Prophet is the gateway to God’s on heart and each communication reveals that truth to you. These messages aren’t just meaningful; they move you forward in a direct, distinct, and divine way.

This is the home where you integrate the immortal nature in your daily life, all under the care and consultation of Prophet Jeremy.

Illumination Channel

The Illumination Channel is not an offer you ‘consider’; it is opportunity you command.

This container is exactly what it declares – It is a channel where you usher forth your calling through Neumology and with direct guidance from God.

This experience is not explained; it is exercised through every interaction with our Immortal One.


We invite all ready to experience the eternal Self to join Paradigm Temple Complex and start their Neumology journey. For everyone else still in exploration, we encourage you to visit Origins Church and sign up for the FREE Neumology Orientation.

Start Your Journey Today

To maintain the integrity of our ministry and message, we expect all interested in Neumology to sign our Orientation Agreement in order to move forward. 

Neumology Orientation Agreement

By signing up for Origins Church, you are agreeing to the following:

(1) You agree your purpose in signing up for Origins Church is to fully participate and complete all Neumology Orientation requirements facilitated by Origins Church within the designated time.

(2) You understand that the Neumology Orientation materials facilitated by Origins Church may be updated and revised at any time, and you are responsible for completing all prerequisites before receiving a Neumology Application.

(3) You understand that Neumology, its leaders, and its organizations reserve the right to deny your Neumology Application even if you have completed all Neumology Orientation requirements facilitated by Origins Church.

(4) You understand that if you choose not to complete your Neumology Orientation which is facilitated by Origins Church and apply for a Neumology Application, you will be removed from Origins Church after the designated time.

(5) You understand Neumology and its leaders have the right to remove you at any time from Origins Church without cause or explanation. You agree that Neumology or Origins Church is not obligated to you in any legal, moral, or other way, and your involvement in Origins Church and its activities does not constitute membership, rights, or any such legal agreements or standings with Neumology, Origins Church, or any of its connected subsidiaries or individuals.. 

(6) You agree to comply with and support all the Neumology and Origins Church directives and conditions of social interactions, lesson assignments, and community participation.

(7) You understand that all materials given to you are the property of Neumology and are for personal use only. You agree you will not distribute, copy, sell, or reproduce any of its content, and by doing so, you are subject to legal actions against you.

(8) You understand the information you share with teachers and leaders of Neumology and Origins Church will be used to assess eligibility to enter Neumology and will be shared with appropriate entities within Neumology and Origins Church for that purpose.

June 15, 2024 1:10 am


To be sure all are able to integrate the teachings and practices, it is critical to have a proper introduction to this work. Therefore all adherents will be added to the Orientation process for the first month of their Temple admittance. During this acclimating period, newcomers will get to know the Neumology team and follow adherents. Your first month’s subscription is a considered a seed offering.

June 15, 2024 1:10 am

Common Questions

Neumology is a path to develop your divinity in and through your humanity.

While Neumology is a religion and a philosophy, it is also a way of being. Neumology principles are relevant to every area of human life, including relationships, vocations, social structures, and paths to divinities.

No, you do not. Many people who come to us have no prior religious background.

Yes, Neumology has several experiences past Paradigm Temple Complex as invitation only and are accessed through completion of Origins Church and retaining good standing within Paradigm Temple Complex.

Neumology has an educational branch through Witcher University. Witcher University offers classes to the public through a traditional tuition structure.


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