Origins Church is a 3-month immersive Neumology experience free to the public.

an introduction into Neumology | an invitation to discover yourself


Origins Church is a free 3-month immersive Neumology experience for the public that guides them through the Neumology Orientation Process. This Neumology Orientation Process, facilitated by Origins Church, lays a foundation to understand Neumology.

Please note that each subsequent order, branch, society, or temple housed within Neumology may require additional training and orientations prior to admittance.

This experience is an introduction into Neumology and an invitation to discover yourself like never before.


Origins Church’s sole mission is to facilitate the Neumology Orientation Experience. Origins Church assimilates beings called to Neumology by integrating them safely and orderly into their chosen divinity. 

Inside Origins Church, individuals learn and engage with us at an introductory level through a curated collection of specific teachings and practices designed to jumpstart a human transformation.

Origins Church welcomes humans who will use their access to live classes, teaching videos, and a community group to further their divine evolution.


Upon signing up for FREE, one starts the Orientation process.

The Origins Church Orientation Experience Includes:

  • Welcome & Introduction Letter
  • Private Portal Access
  • Access to the Origin’s Church Communication Group
  • 4 Sacred Study Video Lessons
  • Sacred Study Workbook
  • 4 Live Orientation Classes
  • 1 Foundations Class (Neumology Structure and Paths)
  • 2 Months of Continued Teachings (16 Lessons)
  • Weekly Support Emails and Follow-Up
  • Continued Access for Additional 3-Months (Total of 6-Month Access)

This experience allows self-paced personal development and honors Neumology’s principles.

Origins Orientation lasts 30-days but can be taken progressively within six months after initial sign-up.

After completion of the Neumology Orientation, facilitated by Origins Church, and the 30-day holding period, persons may request a Neumology Application and receive additional guidance on continuing their Neumology journey.

Individuals not ready to step into their destiny enjoy 3 EXTRA Months of Origins Church Access (a total of 6 MONTHS) to grow their souls. After which, if the individual chooses not to advance in Neumology, their Origins Church experience concludes. We welcome anyone back to repeat the Neumology Orientation facilitated by Origins Church if, at a later date, they wish to do so.


Now that you know what Origins Church is and understand its purpose, what about you? Your soul didn’t find this page by accident. You know there has been a pull to a more expansive you.

What are you waiting for?


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Do you desire a clearer direction as you deepen your spiritual journey?

Do you imagine experiencing your eternal essence daily?

Are you ready to connect with a community committed to creating a new world?

Are you intrigued by Neumology and need to know where to start?

Wherever you are in your path, we invite you to JOIN THE NEUMOLOGY ORIENTATION THROUGH ORIGINS CHURCH.

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To maintain the integrity of our ministry and message, we expect all interested in Neumology to sign our Orientation Agreement in order to move forward. 

Neumology Orientation Agreement

By signing up for Origins Church, you are agreeing to the following:

(1) You agree your purpose in signing up for Origins Church is to fully participate and complete all Neumology Orientation requirements facilitated by Origins Church within the designated time.

(2) You understand that the Neumology Orientation materials facilitated by Origins Church may be updated and revised at any time, and you are responsible for completing all prerequisites before receiving a Neumology Application.

(3) You understand that Neumology, its leaders, and its organizations reserve the right to deny your Neumology Application even if you have completed all Neumology Orientation requirements facilitated by Origins Church.

(4) You understand that if you choose not to complete your Neumology Orientation which is facilitated by Origins Church and apply for a Neumology Application, you will be removed from Origins Church after the designated time.

(5) You understand Neumology and its leaders have the right to remove you at any time from Origins Church without cause or explanation. You agree that Neumology or Origins Church is not obligated to you in any legal, moral, or other way, and your involvement in Origins Church and its activities does not constitute membership, rights, or any such legal agreements or standings with Neumology, Origins Church, or any of its connected subsidiaries or individuals.. 

(6) You agree to comply with and support all the Neumology and Origins Church directives and conditions of social interactions, lesson assignments, and community participation.

(7) You understand that all materials given to you are the property of Neumology and are for personal use only. You agree you will not distribute, copy, sell, or reproduce any of its content, and by doing so, you are subject to legal actions against you.

(8) You understand the information you share with teachers and leaders of Neumology and Origins Church will be used to assess eligibility to enter Neumology and will be shared with appropriate entities within Neumology and Origins Church for that purpose.

June 15, 2024 4:03 am

Common Questions

Origins Church was created so you can personally experience what Neumology is and how it works in your life. In short, Neumology is a path to develop your divinity in and through your humanity.

While Neumology is a religion and a philosophy, it is also a way of being. Neumology principles are relevant to every area of human life, including relationships, vocations, social structures, and paths to divinities.

No, you do not. Many people who come to us have no prior religious background.

For more information on this and other terms we use in Neumology, please go to our Terms and Definitions page in our Neumology Resources.

Unbelief is beneficial because it says you want a personal experience. Unbelief says you want your understanding to be authentic. Origins Church is a perfect place to do just that. We encourage you to sign up and understand what God is through you.

Yes, we do. We know it to be humanity’s birthright. We also know how difficult it is to believe this can be true for you. Origins Church exists to help answer some of these transitional questions. We invite you to see what Neumology is about by signing up today.

You may sign up through one of the following avenues:

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