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  • Awaken Your Divine Abilities | Free 4-Day Spiritual Gifts Masterclass Series


    The Awaken Your Divine Abilities | Masterclass Series is designed to restore the supernatural power of Spirit through the lives of people just like you and you fully realize your divine abilities.

    This Masterclass Series Will Include:

    • FREE videos, for the next four days, giving you powerful and practical education about spiritual gifts
    • FREE downloadable worksheets, prayers, and mantras
    • FREE access to my spiritual gifts quiz to help you identify your dominant and supporting gifts
    • FREE techniques to help you use your gifts in your personal and professional life
    • EXCLUSIVE OFFER to go deeper in developing your spiritual powers through one of my premium programs, when you stay to the end of the series
  • Climax | Sex Masterclass Bundle

    From: $500.00 / month for 4 months

    The Climax | Sex Masterclass Bundle brings you transformational teachings on sex, sexuality, and sensuality especially as it relates to spirituality. With this experience, no conversation is off-limits and there is no boundary of the imagination that is not explored. The bundles blend ancient and ascended thought along with erotic practices to help you truly see, understand, and experience intimacy like never before.

  • GoldMine | Money Masterclass Bundle

    From: $500.00 / month for 4 months

    The GoldMine | Money Masterclass Bundle consists of the best-selling classes on the subject of abundance, wealth, and money that we have ever offered. GoldMine also contains the most income-producing results that our clients and students have ever experienced. And, now you have access to these same secrets! This bundle provides experiences if you are seeking to develop your abundance mindset, get insights into various ways of expanding your income, fine-tuning your mission, understanding the psychology of sales in business, how to engage magick to bring about your financial desires, and so much more…

  • Preppers | Masterclass Series

    ‘Preppers’ is a 5-part masterclass series about helping you prepare for the inevitable and improbable, today.

    • Part 2 – Survival, Security, Self-Defense
    • Part 3 – Energy, Water, Food
    • Part 4 – Health, Sanitation, Medical
    • Part 5 – Community, Communication, Currency

    The Preppers | Masterclass Series is 100% free however, we know that many enjoy contributing to enriching content. The suggested donation amount is $450, however, you may participate in this experience for free or with an optional financial contribution of your choosing. (Enter $0.00 to get the series for free in the “Enter Your Amount ($)” section or enter your desired contribution amount)