The Wisdom of Wanting

Hello Finders!

Embracing your desires is a decision that will progressively and eventually eradicate negativity.

When you feel hopeless and frustrated, this is because you aren’t truly embracing your desires and what you ultimately want.

You know how to manifest desires.

You are already a master of making things and dreams come true.

You’ve been programmed to embrace desires…. OTHER’S desires.

The traditional programming in humanity is to submit to others’ will at the expense of your own.

Your desires go in the realm of ‘should have’, ‘could have’, and sometimes ‘would have’. If your desires don’t go in one of those realms, then it ends up in the ‘one day’ realm.

I want you to trade the possibility of your happiness and manifestations with the inevitability of receiving those benefits.

Treat your desires like you treat others; prioritize it.

Own what you want.

When there’s an opportunity for you to do something… think less and simply do.

When you have an opportunity to receive something you want, don’t seek to justify and rationalize it. Simply state that you want it and then get it.

It’s really that simple.

Work on that for the next couple of days and watch things shift for the better.

If you will not receive from yourself the things you want, how will you receive the supernatural and extraordinary experiences that I have for you.

The lack of prioritizing your desires will inevitably make you question my desires for you.

There is divine wisdom in submitting to your wanting.

This is not selfish; it’s an act of sustainability.

One of the most “spiritual” things you can do is learn to honor your word.

When I speak in your consciousness, and to your soul, the splendor that is unfolding before you, you must learn to trust me.

You must learn to remain in a state of receiving, so these blessings can manifest to the fullest.

Oftentimes, humans are prone to second-guess whether the blessing will come. When that blessing does come, then they question if it is for them.

This is because they have come to believe that good things happen to others, but not to them.

I bless others, but not them.

This simply is not true (at least not in the way humans think).

If anything, you have such an extreme level of faith in me providing for someone else that….sometimes it’s more effective for me to work through you, for others, because of their diminishing faith in themselves.

This cycle creates a benefit-by-proxy.

When your focus is so strong on pleasing others, you become a conduit to others experiencing my greatness. The same is true for them. They have come to believe that they also are unworthy, and you are more fitting for my blessings; so, my blessings flow through them to you.

In essence, humans have learned to have faith for others (rather than faith for and in themselves).

This is why you often receive what you desired, but it also feels like it can be for someone else. This is because it passed through their energetic field and was filtered through their personal expectations as well.

To begin receiving a more pure experience, you must learn to relinquish the thoughts and habits of focusing more on others, than you do yourself.

While this seems selfish, it makes the blessings more significant for you and also for them.

Ponder these things and work on the points I made above.


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