Creating In The Confinement

Hello Finders!

As you continue to traverse through the vast array of energies this month, remember that resting fuels your resurrection.

I know it’s counter-intuitive to what you have believed and been programmed.

Trust your God and use this time to rest.

In moments like this, you need to learn that your effort is not always necessary to experience your fullest power and most fulfilling presence.

This can be confusing based on previous programming and it can be especially difficult for the enterprising soul and the entrepreneurial spirit.

When you train your life to always fight and forge your way through, you start to believe that there is no other way.

Challenge and conquest are oftentimes the reward that humans seek because it’s where they find value. It’s where they find purpose. It’s where they find power.

Have you considered that maybe fighting, hustling, grinding, and pushing forward is not exercising your power…but simply exhausting it.

Let me help you. It is.

You may think you’re operating at peak performance…. when in reality, you’re simply using the reserve resources that you had available.

This is why after a major victory, you often feel depleted, disorganized, dissatisfied, and sometimes depressed.

The blessings I have in store for you will require you to operate in the miraculous and move out of the mundane.. to expand your capacity to for greatness and not just the good.

In order for this to order I need your undivided attention and your full awareness.

This requires you to give your power the time and space to rest and recharge.

Resting also also allows your body to release unnecessary operations.

Let me explain.

When you continue ‘business as usual’, your mind assumes the protocols which it knows. It assumes that the programming and your normal process is still needed.

Resting basically resets your system.

It allows for you to receive new information, intuition, and instructions in a dynamic and dimension you have never known.

You’d be amazed at what I can do with you and for you when you remove your urge to fight and battle that I’ve already won.


This is all that’s needed right now.

You’ll hear from me soon.


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