Calm Within Crisis

Hello Beloved Friend,

We have many exciting things underway.

For starters, the newly updated website will be available this coming week. The new site will have a fresh design and hold new premium product offerings, bundled masterclass experiences, and our signature NEUMIND curriculum (which has never been released to the public before).

Next, we will be unveiling our initiatives where you partner with us in expanding the consciousness of the planet and ushering in a new era.

Speaking of all things NEU………

These are the moments that hone in your highest-level humanity, define your deepest divinity, and ultimately propel you into your power. Take the time to recognize that though the earth is in a state of flux and great transition, this doesn’t have to be seen as a moment of crisis (for you)…but one that clarifies your calm within the crisis.

What do I mean by that?

It’s time to clarify your calm. That is to say, understand how you manage challenges. Realize that you were calm before the crisis and you will be long after it. Knowing you are surrounded by calm will help you realize you have the ability to remain calm even during the crisis.

Crisis is simply your humanity having a moment of extreme sight and sensing, by which you individually and intensely experience the world of others. In essence, when you experience crisis, it’s a moment of empathy and also one that is empathic. You’re simply putting yourself in someone else’s position.

Crisis is a form of soul swapping where humans take the place of each others. It’s how they “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. It’s one of the deepest forms of feeling your way through humanity.

Yes, this has everything to do with your senses.

When you truly master yourself, you’ll discover you have the ability to expand that mastery outside of yourself and into the world you want to affect change.

Use your empathy to impact the environment…and not let it infiltrate your emotions and infuriate your experiences.

So, the next time you feel yourself in the middle of a crisis, imagine yourself outside of it and in a place where it can’t hurt you. Ask yourself a simple question, “If I were on the other side of this crisis and it was now over, what did I do to achieve success and overcome it. What would I tell someone else to do if they were in this same situation?”

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Understand this. Crisis always crumbles at the feet of the future. It’s never permanent. It’s just persistent.

Crisis remains persistent until someone is an overcoming force towards the crisis.

Crisis is masochist in nature. It thrives in an area where it experiences pain and it must be subdued. It must be enslaved. It must be dominated.

Crisis will continue to wreak havoc until it finds a true dominant.

You must become the Crisis Master if you plan to experience the better side of life.

So, no matter where you think you are…. you’re in a much better position than you think. Stop sitting by and waiting for things to change when you have the power to cultivate the change you seek.

Work on this until we communicate again…

Supporting your eternal experience,


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