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The Life of a Seeker...

Seeking can be an exciting and eye-opening journey when you’re curious. That curiosity leads you to roads less-travelled and worlds unknown. Curiosity helps you feel that your life can change and it can finally change for the better.

However, when curiosity isn’t cultivated to its fullest, it can lead you feeling more hopeless than you ever imagined.

This feeling comes from having a glimpse of the good life and then watching it slip slowly away.

When curiosity isn’t directed, it can have you traversing paths that are rough and eventually you find yourself lost, alone, and unable to find your way out.

This is not the life we want for you.

This is not the life we want for any human.

And, that’s why we are changing the conversation around curiosity.

We invite you to experience the alternative with us.

The Legacy of A Finder...

Let us be clear; we love seekers.

Seekers are the backbone of humanity.

We just want you to realize that there is divine experience beyond seeking…and that’s finding.

When you become a Finder, you discover new way to navigate your life.

When you become a Finder, you receive new truths that revolutionize your personal viewpoints, and consequently, your outlook of the world.

When you become a Finder, you reach an evolutionary state where your former experiences cease to weigh you down.

It’s like you breath fresh air.

You see with a clarity like never before.

Your entire world starts to shift positively and powerfully.

You finally experience a new life.

Whatever you're seeking, we can help you find it.

At every level of your seeking, you will find a community that meets your needs.

Experience The NeuWay

The NeuWay is your opportunity to explore what lies ahead for you and the life you desire.

The NeuWay is also your first introduction into Neumology, our beliefs, our practices, and our people.

And, best of all… It’s Completely Free (at least monetarily).

However, it will take a little investment of your time and energy.

When you become a free subscriber to the NeuWay, we will send you our monthly newsletter, which typically is sent 1-2 times a month.

We also send enlightening emails throughout the month that help guide your future with less effort and more ease. We usually send 2-4 emails a month.

You’ll also be one of the first to receive information regarding upcoming events, special offers, and details on how Neumology is changing the lives of our community. You become part of our special insider online community.

When you become a NeuWay subscriber, you’ll also have the chance to join us for free online and sometimes in-person events. These experiences are always announced to our community first before the public knows.

We hope you join our community and experience the NeuWay and receive a wealth of free inspiring content, awareness of upcoming events, and insider-only offers.

When you’re ready to elevate into a new dimension of discernment, then the NeuTruth is your next journey.

Experience The NeuTruth

We understand that embarking on new things and new experiences can bring up fear. We don’t expect you to stop fearing; just allow yourself to fear and continue to moving forward.

Our community understands what it’s like to be a free thinker in a world that expects you to perceive life and the world through an ordinary lense.

We know what it’s like to have thoughts that are so profound and mystic that you sometimes scare yourself with the revelation that unfolds.

We know what it’s like to live in the spiritual significance of your own silence.

This can make you feel alone in an abundant world.

If you’re going to be alone in your awareness, be alone with us…together.

That’s why God has prepared the NeuTruth; for people like us; for people like you.

In the NeuTruth, you’ll receive everything in the NeuWay free subscription and a few more benefits.

This experience is where your eyes and ears truly open in a way that’s currently unimaginable.

We understand that sometimes you need to ‘dip your toes in the water’ before fully diving into many experiences. This level of cautious and curious exploration can be a pivotal moment that truly changes your life forever.

Every month, our NeuTruth community meets for a dedicated live stream where Finders all around the world gather to connect with each other and also receive a message from God.

These divine transmissions are an opportunity to get revelatory message from God concerning your life, receive insights on the overall energy of the month, and get practical guidance to help you navigate the coming weeks more powerfully.

These global, yet personal, messages from God anchor our community together in a way that helps you feel like you’ve found people and a place that is beyond ordinary.

The monthly live streams often are an hour to an hour and half. There is occasionally a question and answer session towards the end of the livestream, however oftentimes our Finders simply let the truth continue to settle within them and they allow the concluding silence to root them further in revelation.

We have a global community and understand that you may not always be able to join us live, and that’s why you’ll also get access to the monthly replay. These replays are usually available within 24-48 hours of the broadcast and are available on-demand so you can access anytime you desire.

You’ll get this experience for a nominal, yet necessary investment into your progress. You’ll discover that this investment into NeuTruth will be one of the best you have ever made for your future.

All great truths have a growth tribe to help cultivate those teachings, and that’s why the NeuLife community exists.

Experience The NeuLife

To experience NeuLife to the fullest, it takes a more effective way of thinking, a more empowered way of being, and a community that helps to support you through every stage you’re bound to experience.

When you join the NeuLife community, you’ll get our exclusive, expansive, and proprietary NeuMind self-study curriculum. 

NeuMind is Neumology’s curriculum-based teachings which lay a foundation for Prophet Calvin Witcher’s revelatory mission here on this earth. Structured in a way that students can put these teachings into practical personal experiences, these principles are the bedrock to a successful human experience. The NeuMind classes blend past in-person recordings of Prophet Calvin with specific action steps for the student to work on each week. These lessons are designed to be a progressive path for personal development and touch on every area of life including identity, finances, relationships, calling and purpose, power, and much more.

Here’s a quick overview of the NeuMind curriculum:
• 3 Core NeuMind Levels (approximately 215 classes per module)
• 15-minute videos (or less)
• 200+ hours of content
• 645+ lessons in total

The NeuMind curriculum is always in your private account online to access anytime, at your convenience. 

We encourage you to let the NeuMind curriculum be your new devotion.

The NeuMind curriculum has around 200 hours of expansive teachings in total!

Let’s put this in perspective. If you watched only three videos per week, it would take you over 4 years to complete the entire NeuMind content. Of course, since it’s self-paced, you can take as little or as much time as you prefer. We don’t say this to intimidate you but to impress upon you the degree of value placed on this course. It’s truly a value-focused offering that we are proud to present to you.

Let us also remind you that we are in this with you!

When you find your way to NeuLife, you have a private and intimate community that is supporting you all the way.

Our NeuLife community will remind you that you’re not only home, but you belong.

You’ll get the opportunity to join the monthly live stream and then unpack those truths in the private community, so you can more fully understand how to apply the revelation to your life.

There are weekly check-ins that are used as another level of connection.

These check-ins are a time of additional teaching and a way for you to receive guidance directly from our leadership.

Our NeuLife community also receive invites to subscriber-only events that occur throughout the year.

Ponder the progress you desire and realize that the NeuWay, NeuTruth, and NeuLife is available for you now. We look forward to joining us today.

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