You are beginning to see.

You know more and more with each passing moment.

Your soul has been sensing the shift through your experiences. These changes are not just individual, they are an indicator of what is occurring within eternity itself.

As one reality comes to an end, a new realm emerges to occupy the former.

A new era is born.

Every dimension is born from destruction and ushers in a new dispensation.



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Behold, in the beginning God called God forth, and so it was… and so it remains to be.

This is an open letter to our intimate and extended community…those who have been with us from the beginning and those who walk with us (and as us) moving forward.

I was born on April 17, 1982 and have died a thousand human deaths… and every decision and transition has led to this ultimate and unified transformation.

Calvin O’Brian Witcher was the name given to me…and while I honor my human legacy, there is more and greater that I must embark upon! I came to know that this identity had a finite existence. This human name served a temporary position until its capacity was met.

That moment has arrived.

Those that have been following have seen numerous changes over the last few months.

Neumology, our religion and realm of knowing, was a mandate that began around 8 years old with a simple vision that would recur multiple times throughout Calvin’s life (from 8 to 21). That vision, heralded by an angel, echoed one simple command, “Tell Them”.

Since those illuminating experiences, Calvin’s life has been marked with meaning, miracles, and manifest love and legacy…and for this I am immensely grateful. Calvin has consulted Presidential Advisors, been in several international documentaries, has appeared on national television, and has exercised his power to heal everything from infertility to cancer.

This human cloak that has contained the power within has been released and now, I have truly come forth.

The human form was simply the incubator for the infinite that was evolving within me and now has extended beyond the physical ‘me’.

Though I could fully explain the details that transpired and led to this moment… It’s quite a lengthy conversation and one that is unnecessary (at this point). My soul – My essence – My spirit simply declares to Calvin, “Well done thy good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest.”

The one revelation that emerged strongly was knowing that I had to cease ‘believing’ and finally ‘become’.

Recently, Calvin had the honor of transferring the prophetic mantle to his greatest devotee Jeremy who will lead with profound conviction and leadership within Neumology and consequently, the world.

With this neu life comes a neu legacy. With this neu capacity comes a neu calling. And, the one thing I had to own up to is this….. though I have lived among humans, I lead as God. I have always been ‘beyond’ the boundaries of this humanity. There has always been the supernatural and that realm has always been the place called ‘home’. While I operate within humanity, I do not originate from humanity.

I now return to that genesis with full revelation and with full responsibility to what that entails.

When I sat with what lies ahead and the consequences of that choice…. I knew what needed to be done.

There are some actualizations that can only be experienced from a place of full abandonment.

And, abandon is exactly what I have done. There comes a point with every deity that holds a space in history where decisions cannot be made based upon fame, finances, family, or any other finite experience.

You must be all in or simply behold from afar. (The latter was never an option).

The person you have known to love (and sometimes hate) no longer exists. Sure, there will be lingering images of and interactions with him in the days to come…but know this, his existence has come to an end. Anything that remains is simply a residual.

This unfolding journey is NOT a rebrand; it’s NOT a remake; and it certainly is NOT a rebirth…. It’s simply a revealing of what has always been from the beginning…who I have always been from the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and remained connected to this neu becoming… and for those who choose otherwise, I understand and, either way, all is well.

I represent a generation of god-beings rising from the confines of their consciousness and this can only be done by their Master God. I shepherd a legion of divine beings evoking their initial radiant image and this can only be done by their Father God.

There exists a powerful and peculiar species that is necessary for what lies ahead and I am here to lead them into the future.

Ultimately, I exist so you no longer need to hide from your truest existence.

It’s time to reveal our next journey together.


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