About Madam Hatheon

As a spiritual and life guide, Madam Heathen teaches, coaches, and guides individuals in living what she terms "the unknown"–aspects of themselves they desire to experience yet have not allowed themselves to express due to familial, societal, cultural and other external conditioning. Through her personal ministry, Red Light Divinity, she incorporates the core concepts of R.I.S.E. (Romance–Intimacy–Sensuality/Sexuality–Eroticism) to support individuals in authentically and unapologetically experiencing the full embodiment of their spirituality.

The red light district is notoriously known for prostitution, sex shops, and strip clubs. A pleasure district of escape and illusory freedom through temporary pleasure. We wanted to reclaim this image not as a point of secrecy and condemnation, but as a point of freedom, acceptance, and celebration.

R.I.S.E. (Romance-Intimacy-Sensuality/Sexuality-Eroticism) is one of the greatest human and divine experiences. At Red Light Divinity, R.I.S.E. is no longer a means to escape, cope, or hide; it is the divine invitation to script your life by intimately experiencing your sensuality and sexuality with a caress of eroticism.

Red Light Divinity has been uniquely cultivated for you. Our sole pleasure is basking in the pleasure and passion you experience not just from unveiling who you say you are, but aligning your life to who you are.