Initiating The New Age of Enlightenment


Seer Jeremy Witcher, also known as Elder Jeremy, is a celebrated Media Producer, Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Mentor, and Teacher. He has been a student of his husband, Prophet Calvin, since they met in 2004 and currently works as a Teaching Facilitator and Director of Public Affairs for Neumology®. Together, with Prophet Calvin Witcher, they oversee the Neumology® community where they teach their students practical revelatory truth. He is also a husband to Prophet Calvin and father of their four sons.

Where the Prophet is the voice of God, the Seer is the vision of God. As a Seer, Jeremy is skilled in seeing future events and clarifying the path through wisdom. A prophet in his own right, his passion is to help those in transition; be it a transition in faith, society, or culture.

From an early age, Elder Jeremy travelled internationally doing mission work in such places as England, Ireland, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic, with extensive ministry also throughout the United States. He is noted for his keen sense of divine vision and the depth of truth that flows through him.

As regional empath, he is sensitive to the needs of those in his care and his compassion permeates his work in the community. Programs and engagements with the Seer are sure to be profound and filled with wisdom, ultimately leaving attendees with a clearer picture of their life and giving them hope to pursue their highest desires.

Jeremy steadfastly cares for Prophet Calvin Witcher and continues the commitment to expand the legacy embodied through the Prophet’s visionary teachings and work. Undoubtedly, Jeremy is unwavering in seeing the fulfillment of a better world through the transformative power, purpose, and path of Neumology®.


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