Initiating The New Age of Enlightenment

What Is Neumology®?

Neumology® is an ascended philosophy and evolutionary organization created to encourage human enlightenment, accelerate planetary progress, and foster significant connections with celestial beings beyond our realm.

What Do Neumologists® Believe?

Neumology® means, “the study and science of understanding Spirit.” Neumology studies and explains human existence through awareness, activity, and every association therein. It is merely the theory of everything.

How Will Neumology® Help Me?

Neumology® allows you to understand who you are at your core and how your life eternally impacts creation.

How Is Neumology® Different From Other Philosophies And Religions?

The principle of continuing revelation is an essential part of Neumology® and is a distinction in the world of religious and spiritual studies.

Who Can Become A Neumologist®?

Our members include spiritual gurus, world leaders, political mavericks, business authorities, innovators, artists, influential members of this planet, and galactic allies throughout the universe. Our community is the synergy of all racial, political, religious, and geographical backgrounds unified to further the progress and prosperity of humanity as a whole and life as we know it.

Who Created Neumology®?

Neumology® (also known as Witcherism), is the embodied wisdom and life-work of Prophet Calvin Witcher. As a divine conduit, Prophet channels revelation from the spiritual realm in a way that is relevant and practical to humanity.

What Is A Prophet?

A prophet acts as God’s messenger, a divine delegate, and makes the desires of God known to humanity. Prophets throughout time have preserved the words of God and stood against tyranny. The revelatory words that a prophet speaks are known as a prophecy.

What Is Prophecy?

Prophecy is the power to persuade the present with the possibilities that lie in the future.


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